About the company

Rotating Seals Company is an independent enterprise with a creative and proven business model where we aim to meet, or where possible, exceed your expectation with regards to optimal mechanical seal design and utilization of material selection to achieve lasting performance. However, our model does not end there.

We believe we know just how significant your aftermarket is to you. The protection of your well deserved Company reputation and that of its products is core to your continued success as to is the valuable additional revenue stream that it represents. That is why our focus includes the long term commercial aspect of our collaboration.

We are pleased to confirm that all this is available to all OEM customers irrespective of product volume because we firmly believe all customers are very important.

Our markets

We have knowledge and long experience within prominent and diverse market segments with particular emphasis on Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Industrial applications and Marine. You can be confident that this experience extends to regulatory and environmental aspects that may apply to your specific market.

  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial Applications
  • Marine

Products & Services

A significant benefit of our independent company status are the product design freedoms that this provides. We are not limited to any particular historic design or material of construction combination that are often associated with the sealing providers. Our commitment therefore is to provide the optimum solution best suited to you from our flexible and agile processes throughout the product selection and development phase which we believe to be unparalleled in the industry. Plus the entire operation has a robust and dynamic quality management system, certified to ISO 9001:2015 by LRQA

  • Mechanical Seals

    We offer mechanical sealing solutions developed exclusively for your specific needs. The mechanical seals are designed, tested and manufactured for OEM customers on the global market. Working together with us you will achieve benefits from the valuable aftermarket on replacement seals.

    • Engineered Seals
    • Optimal Design and Performance
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Your Aftermarket
  • Advanced Materials

    We provide components, sub-assemblies and complete sealing solutions incorporating high grade traditional and advanced material alternatives with compliance to relevant specifications and regulations within the particular industry sectors, these are not limited to the following:

    • Carbon - Graphite
    • Silicon Carbide
    • Tungsten Carbide
    • Stainless Steel
    • Elastomers
    • Plastics
  • Services

    In addition to product solutions, our customer focused team offer other services to our partners. These are not limited to the following:

    • Refurbishment and Repair
    • Technical Support
    • On-site Support
    • Product Training


Rotating Seals
30 January 2024

ISO 9001:2015 surveillance audit

As we are continuing in our commitment to provide customer excellence, we are proud to announce that Rotating Seals Europe...

Mikael Fransson
15 November 2023

New Employee

Join us in welcoming Mikael Fransson to the Rotating Seals team!

Lab 2023-10-13-2
23 October 2023

Verification Testing

Verification testing in our laboratory is an important aspect during the product development process.

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